Benefits of Floating

Many benefits of floating have been discovered and proven through vigorous research and multiple studies.


Floating increases your level of endorphin, the body, s natural pain killers. Float may help…
♥ Eliminate chronic pain (lower back pain etc…).
♥ Accelerate the recovery from injuries, stress and illness.
♥ Lower blood pressure.
♥ Reduce arthritis pain and swelling.


with floating, you can enter the theta state, which is a state of very deep relaxation. Float may help…
♥ Alleviate stress, anxiety and tension.
♥ Improve sleep, helping those with insomnia and jet lag.
♥ Enhance ability for lucid dreaming.


with nothing to distract you, your level of concentration and knowledge absorption is so intense. Float may help…
♥ Activate your full consciousness.
♥ Achieve creative visualisation.
♥ Reach high levels of thinking.